5 Analysis of the New Energy Vehicles Insurance

5 Analysis of the New Energy Vehicles Insurance Image
5 Analysis of the New Energy Vehicles Insurance;

New Energy Vehicles Essay: In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection and the continuous improvement of the level of automobile research and development, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in my country have grown rapidly, and they have great development potential in the automobile market. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles are quite different in structure. Therefore, traditional auto insurance cannot protect against the unique risks of new energy vehicles.

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In December 2021, the introduction of new energy vehicle commercial insurance exclusive products prompted the rapid integration of new energy vehicle insurance into the new development pattern, and the development prospects are immeasurable. This paper analyzes the current status of the development of new energy vehicle insurance, finds out the existing problems and puts forward suggestions for the development direction of new energy vehicle insurance in the future.

An overview of my country’s new energy vehicle industry

The new energy vehicle industry is developing rapidly. In 2021, the production volume of new energy vehicles in my country will reach 3.545 million units and the sales volume will reach 3.521 million units. As shown in Table 1, the sales volume of new energy vehicles is growing rapidly, with a year-on-year increase of 113.9%. At the same time, the export of new energy vehicles has achieved breakthroughs. In 2021, the export of new energy vehicles will reach 310,000 units, a year-on-year increase of three times.

These data show that new energy vehicles have entered a new track for large-scale and rapid development. Today my country’s new energy vehicle brand market is mainly composed of three categories: one is the overseas car-making force represented by Tesla, which occupies the high-end market of its high-end brand awareness, design, and technological advantages. In 2021, Tesla has strengthened market attention and traffic through price cuts, which will have a greater impact on competitors.

The second is the domestically produced cars represented by BYD, NIO, and Xpeng. They have Internet genes and are influential in the high-end market of Generation Z, especially NIO. The third is the economical and practical school represented by Wuling Hongguang MINI EV, which mainly benefits from third-tier cities and towns, and will become an Internet celebrity brand in 2021 with leading sales.

Development Status of New Energy Vehicle Insurance in my country

The introduction of new energy vehicle insurance

There are big differences between new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles in terms of power principle, structure, maintenance, etc. The battery is the basic energy and power source, the drive motor can convert this onboard energy into driving power, and the electronic control system controls and monitors the vehicle. The operation and component status of new energy vehicles, referred to as the “three power” system of new energy vehicles, before the introduction of new insurance clauses, these risk factors were not covered by suitable insurance coverage.

Traditional auto insurance cannot match new energy vehicles, so it is an urgent matter to modify and improve the original auto insurance products to match new energy vehicles. To fully implement the “dual carbon” goal, on December 14, 2021, the Insurance Association of China issued the “New Energy Vehicle Commercial Insurance Exclusive Clauses (Trial)”. The “clauses” mainly include new energy vehicle loss insurance in terms of insurance types, third-party liability insurance, vehicle personnel liability insurance three main insurance, additional insurance types are adjusted from 11 traditional auto insurance to 13, adding additional external power grid failure loss insurance, additional self-use charging pile loss insurance, additional self-use charging Three new pile liability insurances.

Sale of new energy vehicles (unit: 10,000 units, %) Exclusive additional insurance for energy vehicles, basically taking into account the common risks of new energy vehicles. Motors, batteries, and electronic controls are the components with the most concentrated risks. These components are covered by the new energy exclusive auto insurance, indicating that the coverage and responsibilities of new energy vehicles are more complete. In terms of insurance, a new car can be directly insured, and a vehicle that has been purchased before needs to wait for the expiration of the previous auto insurance coverage before insuring the new energy vehicle auto insurance.

The characteristics of new energy vehicle insurance

New energy vehicle exclusive insurance can fully consider the risk characteristics and usage scenario characteristics of new energy vehicles, and the insurance subject matter, insurance liability, and insurance amount are more compatible with these characteristics, which can effectively meet the needs of new energy vehicles. You may like to learn ERP systems in Financial Management Essay.

First of all, in the design of insurance content, the new exclusive insurance can be designed in combination with the risk characteristics of automobiles, which has certain pertinence; the clauses clarify the insurance responsibilities involved in the “three power” system, fire accidents, charging status, etc. When the exclusive additional insurance for energy vehicles is included, for the first time, external equipment such as charging piles are included in the coverage, and the monthly depreciation coefficient is appropriately adjusted according to the characteristics of new energy vehicles.

Secondly, in terms of coverage, the design of insurance clauses comprehensively considers the risks in the use of new energy vehicles, designs additional insurance for the charging process, covers loss insurance and liability insurance, and uses the insurance mechanism to further share the charging process of new energy vehicles. risk and protection are more comprehensive. It is worth noting that since the introduction of this clause is still a trial plan, there will still be many uncertainties in the implementation process, and it still needs to be updated and improved in the continuous development process in the future.

Three new energy car insurance problems

As a mature and standardized business, auto insurance generally has little potential for development. However, with the entry of new energy-exclusive auto insurance, the development logic of the market needs to be reshaped, and insurance companies will face new opportunities and challenges. Dropshipping How to Start? 8 Expert Reasons is Worth it.

High premium pricing

Since the rise and fall of premiums are related to the number of vehicle owners’ violations and the number of accidents, the premiums of some models with higher loss rates and higher prices in the past will rise. New energy vehicles are fundamentally different from fuel vehicles. Therefore, the situations of failure, maintenance, and claims are also different, and there is another set of pricing systems. Since the introduction of the new insurance terms, there has been a rise in auto insurance for some policyholders.

For example, Tesla has the highest claim ratio and claim amount, reaching 1:1.4. The all-aluminum body used by Tesla can only be replaced in one piece after damage, so the compensation amount after an accident is higher than that of other models. expensive. In the past car insurance cases, there have been many battery fires and combustion accidents, which also caused casualties. Although the causes of accidents involve various aspects, industry experts mostly point to the battery itself and the design of the whole vehicle.

They cannot control their accidents and reduce maintenance costs. It is difficult to reduce the insurance premiums of new energy vehicles (especially high-end models). Car companies have to continue to invest in subsidies. With the further popularization of new energy vehicles, all kinds of accident conditions that have never been heard of before having the probability of occurrence, resulting in prolonged claims settlement time and increased costs. These factors will lead to further increases in insurance premiums.

Difficulty in settling damages

Based on the continuous improvement of technology and capital investment in the auto industry, the current high-end new energy vehicles are also equipped with high-intelligence equipment, and insurance companies lack talents who understand this aspect. Once an accident occurs, it is more troublesome to settle a claim for damages. Insurance companies rely on data when setting insurance rates and providing service standards, including driving behavior data and vehicle attribute data.

However, at present, the relevant price and underwriting data resources of new energy vehicles have not been fully obtained by insurance companies, which is not conducive to premiums. Calculate. Due to the lack of professional talents in insurance companies, the maintenance costs of new energy vehicles in the current market are more dominated by car companies, which will lead to insurance companies in a passive position in the process of auto insurance pricing.

High payout rate

In recent years, new energy auto insurance claims have faced greater pressure. Report data shows that the current average loss rate of new energy auto insurance is close to 85%, and the industry is greatly affected by underwriting losses. Insurance companies at this stage cannot achieve a balance between service and profitability. The high loss rate of new energy vehicles is mainly due to the following factors: firstly, in terms of the nature of use, the proportion of commercial vehicles in the use of new energy vehicles is relatively high; secondly, in terms of model structure, the structure of new energy vehicles is different from traditional fuel vehicles.

Vehicles often have the characteristics of low chassis and fast starting, so the probability of accidents will increase; in addition, at the technical level, due to technical blockade and monopoly, some problems that seem to be small in traditional fuel vehicles, On new energy vehicles, more complex maintenance methods are often required due to technological blockade and monopoly. Given the above reasons, the overall loss rate of new energy vehicles is relatively high.

Four new energy auto insurance development direction

The launch of new energy-exclusive auto insurance is a necessary measure for the insurance industry to maintain the healthy development of its own business, and it is also one of its means to initiate checks and balances against the new energy auto industry. Combined with the current market problems, new energy auto insurance needs to be further developed and improved.

Model premiums need to return to a reasonable range

Benchmark pure risk premiums are a key factor in determining premiums. On December 14, 2021, the China Association of Actuaries released the “New Energy Vehicle Commercial Insurance Benchmark Pure Risk Premium Table (Trial)”, which is a new energy exclusive main insurance based on the underwriting data and claims data of new energy vehicle commercial insurance in recent years. and Rider Benchmark Pure Risk Premium Schedule. In the preparation process, the affordability of consumers of models with lower price ranges is fully considered to ensure that the overall premiums of models in this range will not rise.

However, for models with a higher price range, the insurance premium mainly depends on the insurance claims, including the previous sales volume, accident rate, average maintenance costs, etc., because the configuration of high-priced models is also higher, coupled with the sales volume of some new energy vehicle companies It is significantly lower than that of traditional car companies, and there are fewer maintenance outlets, resulting in high maintenance costs and increased insurance premiums. With the expansion of the application scale of the terms, the cost of claim settlement will be further reduced and the pricing will be more refined, which will also push the rate of new energy auto insurance to a reasonable level.

In addition, at present, the operation monitoring and data collection of new energy vehicles have been fully promoted. Insurance companies can cooperate with professional automobile inspection and testing institutions to study and build a safety risk assessment system for new energy vehicles and power batteries, introduce a safety factor in the determination of premiums, and establish A more scientific and reasonable new energy vehicle insurance rate determination system.

Further, improve industry security services

Insurance companies should further enhance their understanding of new energy vehicle products and structures, continuously strengthen the introduction and training of talents, and use the power of technology and big data to solve problems. Relying on the digital economy, more innovative, highly permeable, and wide-ranging new energy-exclusive claims protection services will be launched to better meet the needs of different consumer groups.

At the same time, in the development of new energy auto insurance, because auto companies have advantages in customers, data, technology, network, etc., in the design of related insurance products, they must cooperate with insurance companies with relevant qualifications; After that, car companies are bound to rely on the offline layout of insurance companies for later claims. Only by strengthening exchanges and cooperation between the two departments can the accuracy of loss determination be further achieved.

Accelerate the innovation of the new energy vehicle industry

In the current new energy vehicle market, a lot of operating vehicles come from leasing companies. Some leasing companies have non-operating vehicles, their real uses are more complex, and the compensation is also very different. The loss rate of these vehicles will be very large. There are certain difficulties in verifying the information. Under the background of the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology and the insufficient accumulation of relevant insurance big data, only continuous product innovation, continuous collection of related data, and accelerated integration with related industry chains such as automobile production, sales, and logistics can further promote new energy Development of car insurance.

At the same time, the new energy vehicle industry should also make full use of technology, continue to accelerate the improvement of product performance, and continue to innovate and improve product design, safety performance, battery life, intelligent experience, and supporting facilities for charging services. Today, with the increasing penetration rate of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicle insurance is a new challenge and opportunity for the insurance industry, and the trend is irreversible. But objectively speaking, the entire insurance industry is still in its infancy in terms of new energy auto insurance, whether it is the recognition of models or product design, and the industry still has a very long way to go.

5 Analysis of the New Energy Vehicles Insurance Image
5 Analysis of the New Energy Vehicles Insurance; Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash.
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