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Application of data encryption technology in computer network security;

The use of data encryption technology is also an effective way to ensure the security of computer networks. With the gradual progress and development of computer network technology today, network security issues have also received high attention from all walks of life, and have now become a key issue of concern to society. The improvement of our awareness of network security is a guarantee for the gradual development and progress of society. Therefore, this article combines the relevant issues of the application of data encryption technology in computer network security to carry out a detailed analysis for the reference of relevant readers.

Here are the articles to answer, the doubts about the Application of data encryption technology in computer network security.

At this stage, computer networks play a vital role in our daily production and life and have become an essential tool for people to store and transmit digital information. However, because of the public characteristics attached to computer networks, digital information can easily be maliciously attacked during transmission, which can cause much information to be tampered with or damaged, and bring us many losses. Data encryption technology is a kind of computer network security technology. Applying it to computer networks can ensure the security of digital information and then ensure the comprehensive interests of computer network customers.

Overview of computer encryption technology

(1) Overview of Data Encryption

Data encryption is the transformation of plain text information into digital information with a key by established cryptography algorithms. At the same time, it is also an important technology for computer security protection. Data protection is the core purpose of key settings, and there are many types of ciphertexts. Among them, port encryption, node encryption, and link encryption are important forms of data encryption today.

Especially in e-commerce systems and banking systems, the use of data encryption is relatively broad. For example, in a banking system, bank data encryption technology is presented on the link between network devices. In turn, it shows the linkage between it and the network switching equipment. In the use of firewalls and switches, data and information are transmitted to the system security equipment for encryption processing and detection. The use of data encryption technology is to ensure that when data is transmitted over the network, it plays an important role in protecting the data.

Encryption technology encrypts the data, making it difficult for unscrupulous persons to steal information. We should implement multiple encryption processing of core information, which will strengthen the protection effect. When the information is entered incorrectly, the encryption technology will disconnect or close the data exchange port between the firewall and the switch, which has a certain protective effect. At present, the use of data encryption technology plays an important role in computer network security, and at the same time has a vital practical application utility and value as shown.

(2) Application and algorithm of data encryption

Digital signature authentication technology is used in computer network technology, and network authentication technology is the highest stage of data encryption technology development today. It establishes user login permissions through user data verification, which in turn protects against external aggressions and ensures the safe operation of the network. At this stage, the use of digital signature technology is relatively broad. Digital signatures mainly use key calculation methods and digital encryption principles to ensure the safe operation of the network.

Only after the user data is entered correctly can he log in, which is also the main requirement for digital signature authentication. The cyclic shift algorithm is a common algorithm in data encryption algorithms, which realizes the exchange of data positions. In other words, during data transmission, the data is in bytes, showing a cyclic shift between data bytes, with strong regularity, but it adds greater difficulty to those who decipher the key. Implement the necessary processing of the data and construct the cipher text. This method is applicable and simple.

The main role of data encryption technology in computer network security

(1) Helps to reduce resource consumption, energy saving, and optimization

The application of data encryption technology in computer network security helps to reduce resource consumption and show energy-saving optimization. When using data encryption technology, relevant workers can give full play to the modern energy-saving utility and reduce the loss of resources during network operation. Then, strengthen the control of computer network systems to reflect the important development goals of energy-saving optimization.

(2) It helps to improve information processing power and reduce costs

The application of data encryption technology in computer network security helps to strengthen the information processing power of computer network systems and minimize costs.

  • First of all, data encryption technology is essentially viewed. It is the most avant-garde science and technology today. It is used in computer network systems to efficiently improve the processing efficiency of digital information. At the same time, it can improve network technology resources and reduce the overall cost of network operations.
  • Secondly, data encryption technology is improving the efficiency of computer network information processing, while also ensuring the stable operation of network systems, helping to optimize the defects in previous technologies, and gradually improving the implementation of network technology.
  • Finally, compared with our country’s previous computer network technology and today’s data encryption technology, data encryption technology is more accurate at the level of digital information processing. Therefore, this technology can effectively save data processing time to the maximum extent, save physical, financial, and human resources, and finally reduce the overall cost of network operation.

(3) Helps to improve collaboration capabilities

The application of data encryption technology in computer network security can be organically integrated with computer network security technology, thereby enhancing the ability of computer network collaboration.

  • First of all, the relevant workers are using data encryption technology to implement a scientific construction of the existing network architecture, thereby strengthening and improving the network architecture and improving the security of the network environment.
  • Then, through the use of data encryption technology, the relevant workers can comprehensively improve the network level and improve their collaboration capabilities.
  • Finally, data encryption technology can effectively assist relevant workers to supervise and manage all network systems, efficiently monitoring their collaboration, and then comprehensively and orderly managing the computer network to ensure the normal operation of the computer system.

(4) It helps to give full play to the reasoning ability of data encryption technology

The application of data encryption technology in computer network security helps to give full play to the reasoning ability of data encryption technology. With the widespread use of computer network technology in many fields, relevant workers should comprehensively strengthen the management of reasoning skills to ensure the coordination of network systems.

The application of data encryption technology can efficiently guarantee the coordination ability of the network system and promote the full play of the effectiveness of network management. In addition, relevant workers can use data encryption technology to efficiently supervise the work of the integrated network, and then implement reasonable and accurate judgments and reasoning on the correctness of the network to ensure the safe operation of the network system.

The main factors restricting the security of computer network data

(1) Lack of institutional prevention system

There are certain defects in the establishment of our country’s computer network security prevention system, and some current domestic laws and regulations are difficult to comply with the rapid development of today’s network technology. This aspect is mainly manifested in the fact that not most domestic companies have no awareness of network data security prevention, lack data security systems, and lack scientific regulations and methods to support the management of network data security.

This can easily leave opportunities for criminals to take advantage of and then cause serious losses to the company. Based on this, the company needs to think deeply about the level of the management system in network data security, improve and improve the shortcomings in this area, prevent accidents before they happen, and effectively avoid unstable factors in network security.

(2) The operator lacks basic safety awareness

In daily life, people often use the Internet for learning, work, entertainment, and other things. People will not deepen their learning and attention at the level of computer network security, lack awareness of network security, do not pay attention to the most basic protection and protection, and cannot scientifically deal with network incidents and unsafe factors in cumbersome situations.

In addition, the operators or providers of some network software that people often use only pay attention to the effects of network marketing, and do not pay attention to the support and management of network security. Such security measures are useless, and it is difficult to meet customer security requirements in the actual environment, and it is easy to leave security risks.

(3) Lack of core software technology

Domestic scientific research on independent technology started late, especially from the perspective of the network operating environment. Today’s security vulnerabilities are mainly presented in operating system security, CPU chip technology, SQL information base protection, gateway, and software security. The above-mentioned technologies generally rely on mature imported products or strong support from technology. This model has greatly reduced the domestic network data security index, and there are certain network security risks, which can easily cause losses. It is necessary to be truly aware of this problem, grasp the domestic passivity and disadvantages at this level, and at the same time need to innovate existing technologies.

(4) The evaluation system needs to be supplemented

For computer data network security, under normal circumstances, it is necessary to regulate the basic hacker prevention system as the most efficient security assessment method. By using this method to evaluate the original security factor, or to assist the company to improve the original platform, with a set of reasonable and detailed analyses and explanations, to maintain network data security, if you strengthen the construction of the evaluation system and expand more avant-garde technologies, you can benefit from the economic and technical levels.

Security issues

(1) System configuration issues

In computer networks, computer network security issues include not only hackers and viruses, but also unscientific system configuration. unscientific system configuration will also form certain computer network security issues. Mainly because when using a computer network, the system configuration is not familiar enough, and even some users think that the firewall in the system is not practical, and uninstall it.

In this way, the security of the computer network will be significantly reduced, and the security of the user’s important information and data cannot be effectively guaranteed. In addition, although some people have installed firewalls, because of the configuration and version status, they cannot better meet the configuration requirements of the computer network system, so there will be varying degrees of security issues.

(2) Virus problem

This problem is the core element that causes computer networks to present security problems. Viruses not only have a fast transmission efficiency but also the transmission patterns of various viruses are also diverse. Viruses are essentially spread using computer networks, which pose a certain threat to the security of customer information and data. For example, in the more popular “panda burning incense” in previous years, if the computer network security protection is not strong, it can easily paralyze the computer network on a large scale. In this way, information and data can easily be leaked, and at the same time, user interests will suffer various losses.

(3) Hacker issues

Some unscrupulous persons will use hackers to carry out malicious attacks on computer networks, causing computer systems to fail to function normally, or causing many systems to be chaotic. In addition, hacking attacks will tamper with or spy on important information and private information. In this way, not only will it seriously restrict people’s application of computer networks, but it will also affect users’ interests to a certain extent. In addition, hacking attacks will intercept the transmission process of information and data, and obtain the most important information and data, resulting in leakage of important information such as customer information and data, seriously harming the interests of customers.

Application of data encryption technology in the field of computer network information security

(1) Network anti-virus technical capabilities need to be strengthened

To show the ability to filter at any time, it is important to install a virus firewall system. Frequently scan and gradually monitor the files in the network server, or add an anti-virus card to the workstation, and the data should be encrypted, file access rights and network access rights should be established, and certain files that can only be executed by a server can be controlled. Those who do not have permission cannot obtain it because the data is encrypted.

(2) Application of data encryption technology

First of all, the use of data encryption technology can initiate disaster recovery methods and emergency response processes at any time in the event of intrusion and attack. The core of this technology is to be equipped with necessary encryption products, such as intrusion detection systems, network scanners, firewalls, etc., to implement real-time network analysis and monitoring, find out the target of the attack at any time and take corresponding countermeasures, and at the same time through emergency plans and backup systems to restore the system in case of emergency.

Secondly, data encryption technology can provide an important guarantee in open network services. Internet security countermeasures can not only ensure that they are not attacked by outsiders but also use fast and extensive network data resources. The core approach is to pay attention to access technology, establish an indestructible gate through firewalls, and adopt an active review attitude towards FTP services and Web services. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the sense of responsibility of internal network customers, ensure the confidentiality of data, and add necessary audit methods under special circumstances.

(3) Use of cryptography

At present, cryptography is the core technology of social network data security, and cryptography methods provide a vital guarantee for network data security. Nowadays, cryptography is mainly used in key management methods, classical cryptography methods, single-key cryptography systems, digital signature methods, etc. However, among such methods, digital signature methods and identity authentication are the most core methods to ensure the comprehensiveness of data and information today.

(4) The importance of safety management regulations

To ensure the security of network data, it is important to improve the professional literacy and ethical cultivation of relevant managers and users, keep core data strictly confidential, and complete the inspection and backup of data.

(5) Cut off communication channels

To cut off the main transmission channels, first of all, attention should be paid to killing viruses and programs on U disks and hard disks. Web pages automatically pushed by the network should not be accepted at will. Poisoned U disks and hard disks should be anti-virus and formatted at any time to block all unsafe transmission channels. The data in the U disk is encrypted in a simplified manner using the mode provided by the Office software to prevent accidents.

(6) Granting of network access control

To comprehensively improve the prevention of network security, it is necessary to use encryption mode to control its access rights, which is also the most important countermeasure and method. This method can better effectively purify network resources and leave no opportunities for illegal resources. This is also one of the key countermeasures to ensure network security. The mode of granting this kind of control is inseparable from the data encryption technology, and generally includes many permissions such as network control, network access control, and directory control.

Concluding remarks

In general, according to the necessity of computer network security today, people can only strengthen the reliability and security of computer network systems as a whole by rationally using data encryption technology by their security risks and security threat factors, establishing their main application model, and scientifically selecting decryption and encryption tools. The reliability and security of computer network systems, and then ensure the safe use of important data and information, while promoting the healthy and sustainable development of data encryption technology.

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Application of data encryption technology in computer network security Image
Application of data encryption technology in computer network security; Photo by Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash.
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