5 Improve Administrative Efficiency in Public Management

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What are the Measures to 5 Improve Administrative Efficiency in Public Management?

Improve Administrative Efficiency in Public Management; In the work of public management, to further improve the efficiency of administrative management and safeguard the legitimate interests of the public, it is necessary to solve the problems existing in administrative management, take effective measures to change the status quo of administrative management, and build a perfect management system. This paper first briefly expounds on the necessity of implementing administrative management in public management, then analyzes the factors that affect the efficiency of public administration, and specifically discusses the ways to improve the efficiency of administrative management.

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State administrative agencies must effectively manage social and public affairs in strict accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, which is called public administration. Due to the complex division of labor in society, to promote the normal functioning of society, it is necessary to implement effective public administration services. As the population of major cities in my country continues to rise, the management concepts in some areas are relatively backward, which often leads to difficulties in improving the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management.

It is necessary to carefully analyze the reasons that affect the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management, and then formulate effective improvement measures, introduce advanced technical means and management concepts, and increase supervision, to change the status quo, clarify the focus of work, provide better services for the public, and reasonably maintain the public. 25 best Case Studies for MBA management students.

I. The necessity of implementing administrative management in public management

my country’s administrative management agencies will use multiple resources and invest a lot of human, material, and financial resources to carry out effective administrative management. To improve management effectiveness, obtain good social benefits, and safeguard public interests, it is necessary to take effective means to improve the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management. Here are the Top 20 Definitions of Management.

The improvement of administrative management efficiency is related to the responsibilities and scope of work of each department. It is necessary to incorporate administrative management into the public management system, and actively carry out reform and innovation. To further play the role of public management, it is necessary to improve the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management and integrate relevant laws and regulations to ensure the effective implementation of national policies.

If the administrative management efficiency is relatively low, it will not only affect the implementation of policies but also affect social stability. To check and accept the work of the administrative department, it is necessary to take efficiency as an important content to measure the results of its work. That being said, it is imperative to ensure that each department is in coordination with each other to truly improve administrative efficiency.

II. Reasons Affecting the Efficiency of my country’s Public Administration

(1) The concept of work is more traditional

Most of the public administration work in our country is in charge of various organs and units. In the process of carrying out the work, it is difficult for some staff to meet the needs of the masses and shirk their responsibilities from time to time, resulting in low work efficiency and dissatisfaction among the masses. When our country builds the public administration system, the existing work concept is no longer suitable for the current state of administration. The administrative management system contains many social functions, resulting in many types and levels of related departments, and each department cannot clarify its responsibilities, thus affecting the improvement of work efficiency.

(2) The office system is relatively backward

At present, some administrative units still use traditional office methods and cannot play the role of information technology. Some staff still use manual storage when keeping documents, and most of the documents are mainly paper, which not only takes up a lot of space but also brings many difficulties to the review of documents, thereby reducing work efficiency. The offices of some administrative units lack advanced computer tools, and the staff is not proficient in operating computer technology in their daily work, and still collect and organize various data through manual statistics, often resulting in inaccurate data and data loss.

In addition, due to the inadequate construction of informatization, the communication between departments faces certain difficulties, which makes it difficult to share information and resources. Lack of effective supervision my country’s administrative management system is relatively closed, and it is difficult to be influenced by the outside world, resulting in insufficient supervision of various work.

At present, the degree of information disclosure by administrative management is still insufficient, and it is difficult for the outside world to understand the actual situation. Even if there are major problems in the work, it is difficult to make a scientific evaluation. The internal evaluation system of administrative management is imperfect, and it is difficult for the outside world to participate in the evaluation work, resulting in the evaluation results are not objective enough to truly reflect the problems of administrative management.

III. Countermeasures to improve the efficiency of administrative management in public management

(1) Change the traditional management concept

Since most enterprises are highly dependent on the government, if the status quo cannot be changed, it will affect the efficiency of enterprises. If the enterprise does not have real economic power, it cannot adapt to the challenges brought by the market economy environment, thus affecting the improvement of the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Therefore, government functional departments should improve the existing administrative management concepts according to the requirements of the development of the market economy, empower enterprises with more power, and play the role of supervision by people from all walks of life.

At the same time, the government should continue to innovate the concept of administrative management, appropriately weaken the dominance of the enterprise, establish a perfect service concept, provide strong support for the development of the enterprise, and not interfere with the various planning and decision-making of the enterprise, improve the subjective initiative of the enterprise, and enable the enterprise It has the creativity and a good sense of social responsibility, truly guarantees the return of social power to the society, plays the role of social groups and social organizations, and effectively improves the efficiency of public affairs.

(2) Strengthen the construction of informatization

1. Actively carry out top-level design and resource sharing

It is necessary to attach great importance to the application of information technology, be good at building a complete information-based administrative management system, and ensure that the construction of administrative information-based management is further implemented through perfect top-level design. It is necessary to build a special administrative management platform to play the role of each department and make it work closely with each other.

Multiple departments should have a unified understanding, attach importance to the collection and sorting of data, give full play to the advantages of information technology, actively communicate and exchange on a certain issue, and improve the level of information and resource sharing. To carry out the construction of management informatization through a top-down approach, all departments must obey the command and strengthen coordination.

Set up a special information management team, actively introduce and develop information management software, clarify the work content and key points of each functional department, provide corresponding data from each department, build an information construction framework, and test this framework. Make sure the functionality is complete.

2. Raise the information awareness of administrative staff

It is necessary to actively build an administrative management database, continuously update the content of the database, and operate it reasonably. Administrative personnel should earnestly study the operation methods and key points of information technology, and update management concepts. It is necessary to strengthen the training of administrative personnel so that they can flexibly operate various hardware equipment, and use computer technology to handle various tasks, to effectively improve work efficiency.

Information technology can not only optimize the administrative service system but also ensure the further implementation of various systems. Information technology can help administrators solve many difficult and miscellaneous diseases, perform accurate and efficient calculations on various data, and obtain reasonable statistical results. The staff of the administrative departments of the government must master advanced management tools, actively participate in various tasks, use the knowledge they have learned to solve problems, establish the idea of ​​serving the people wholeheartedly, and integrate them into practice.

3. Carry out network and flat management

The traditional organizational structure of administrative management is top-down. When transmitting information, it needs to be transmitted layer by layer, which will reduce the efficiency of information transmission. Building an information management system can ensure the timely delivery of information and reduce the link and time of delivery. By creating a flat and networked organizational structure, it is possible to share information resources, improve the efficiency of collaboration and communication between departments, and ensure that problems are dealt with promptly.

In the traditional management mode, because the management method is relatively simple, it will affect the coordination between departments. By setting up an information-based administrative management system, the symmetry of information can be improved, data can be uploaded comprehensively and accurately, and relevant departments can analyze the data promptly and make reasonable decisions.

IV. Innovate the administrative management system and supervision system

(1) Innovating the administrative management system

First, establish a hearing system. Further, improve the hearing system, listen to the people’s opinions on public administration, find out the deficiencies in the work promptly, and improve and perfect them.

Second, formulate a public inquiry system. Citizens’ right to know must be respected, the transparency of administrative management must be improved, the information symmetry must be ensured, and issues related to administrative management must be explained to citizens and people from all walks of life promptly.

Third, set up an administrative referendum system. Through this system, administrative management can be promoted towards the direction of democratization. Since the system still needs to be further improved, it is necessary to continuously optimize the content of the system according to the actual situation, and make it further promoted.

(2) Give full play to the supervisory role of new media

New media can be used to supervise administrative management to ensure that the work is more transparent and to implement supervision. It is necessary to further improve the laws and regulations related to the supervision of new media, and give full play to the role of new media. It is necessary to further improve the internal mechanism of new media and improve its supervision and management capabilities.

Since the work efficiency of my country’s administrative departments still needs to be improved, and the staff lacks a sense of responsibility when carrying out management, it is necessary to further improve efficiency, give full play to the role of advanced technology, implement one-stop office, ensure that various resources are allocated reasonably, and also It can supervise the work process in real-time, effectively improve the efficiency of work, and meet the actual needs of the masses.

(3) Promoting administration towards democratization and publicization

There are many unreasonable points in the traditional administrative management system. Due to some asymmetry in decision-making and execution work, and they are independent in specific operations, once the decision-making is unreasonable, the execution effect will be affected. Most administrative management activities reflect the unilateral will of administrative organizations and personnel, do not fully consider the needs of the public, and are not democratic enough. Therefore, to ensure more rational decision-making and improve management efficiency, the voices of the people should be carefully listened to.

It is necessary to give full play to the role of the Internet and big data, conduct statistics and analysis of various data, understand the thoughts of the people, and ensure that decision-making is more scientific and effective. Managers should play the functions of the information management system, understand the opinions of the public and social organizations, and give feedback on the opinions of the public promptly. Before making a decision, it is necessary to understand public opinion, pay attention to the openness of government affairs, and ensure that the public actively participates in it, so that the public can trust the government more, thereby improving the level of administrative management.

To set up a special electronic public opinion mailbox, if the masses have their ideas, they can send their opinions to the mailbox. In this way, communication between the executive branch and the public can be achieved, and work can be properly monitored. If the policy has a wide range of influence, it must be explained to the public, and the public can be guided and encouraged to put forward better suggestions and practical solutions on the Internet, or actively collect suggestions and encourage the public to discuss.

Due to the relatively large administrative management system, there will be a certain lag in the process of transmitting the information. Therefore, the government should establish a complete information management platform to ensure that the work of each department is efficiently handled on the platform. When relevant problems are collected, they can communicate on the platform at any time, and professional personnel is responsible for solving the problems, which can not only reduce management costs but also improve work efficiency and management quality.

It is necessary to integrate advanced technology and knowledge, innovate management models and management methods, actively build hardware equipment and software, strengthen the training of personnel, and introduce high-quality talents to enable them to assume the responsibilities of administrative management. The government should reasonably coordinate various networks to reduce overlaps in work. By creating a flat management organizational structure, various tasks can be carried out more flexibly, the innovation awareness of the staff can be improved, and the administrative management work can be truly implemented.

V. Application of New Public Management in Administrative Management Reform

At present, my country’s administrative management is mainly dominated by traditional public administrative norms. Although the new public management concept can provide a corresponding reference for the reform of administrative management, it has not played a further role. To further improve the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management, our country has carried out system reform radically, carried out administrative management reform and innovation, and updated management concepts and thinking.

Combined with the national conditions of our country, we should reasonably learn from the theory and experience of new public management, reform and innovate the administrative management, and ensure that its functions can be effectively played. The new public management includes modern enterprise management ideas. In the process of specific application, the following points should be paid attention to.

(1) Improve the efficiency of administrative management

It is necessary to actively introduce a modern enterprise management model and understand the methods and ways of improving the work efficiency of the enterprise, to better exert the advantages of the new public management and create an efficient administrative management system. When setting and implementing goals and related tasks, it is necessary to formulate a sound assessment and supervision mechanism, improve the deficiencies in the existing management work, set up reasonable institutions, and improve work efficiency.

It is necessary to organically combine daily management with comprehensive management, decompose management objectives, formulate a sound incentive mechanism, stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of staff to work, improve service awareness and personal skills, and effectively improve work efficiency. Due to the special national conditions of our country, the organic combination of new public management and administrative management can improve management efficiency.

(2) Promoting the continuous deepening of administrative reforms

To better exert the functions of new public management, it is necessary to introduce target management and market competition into administrative management, further optimize the administrative management system, conduct a comprehensive assessment of employees’ behavior, and understand their specific work performance and work quality. , to ensure that resources are fully utilized and the advantages of talents are effectively brought into play.

It is necessary to introduce a sound competition mechanism, so that the majority of enterprises can fully realize the severity of market competition, continuously improve their comprehensive strength, provide consumers with satisfactory services and high-quality products, and promote administrative institutions to continuously optimize their management models. Management and service level to create greater benefits for the society.

(3) Further improve administrative laws and regulations

When applying the new public management theory, in addition to combining my country’s national conditions and the current state of administrative management, it is also necessary to play the role of laws and regulations, improve the authority and enforcement of laws, and escort the reform of administrative management. It is necessary to improve and perfect the existing laws and regulations, integrate advanced public management experience, constantly innovate management ideas and management models, adjust unreasonable content in-laws and regulations promptly, and give play to the supervisory role of the system.

It is necessary to give full play to the functions of various departments so that they can cooperate while doing their work, ensure the coordinated development of various tasks, and effectively improve the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management. In addition, corresponding technologies are included in the new public management, which can be selected and used according to the actual situation to avoid and prevent the risks existing in the administrative management, optimize the functions of the administrative management, and comprehensively supervise and restrain the behavior of each unit.

At present, the reform of administrative management in our country faces many obstacles. On the one hand, it is due to the increasingly fierce competition faced by our country; on the other hand, it is because the existing legal system needs to be improved. Therefore, only by fully combining my country’s national conditions, improving my country’s comprehensive national strength, and perfecting the legislative work, can the administrative reform work be carried out smoothly.

(4) Improve the service level of administrative departments

After the administrative department introduces a new concept of public management, it can not only clarify the direction of reform and reform ideas, but also draw on successful experience, learn successful practices, improve and optimize the functions of the department, and timely address the existing problems in the current stage of work. deficiencies are corrected. The staff of the administrative department will further understand the necessity of the implementation of the new public management in practice, change the traditional thinking, treat the work with a sense of responsibility, and establish the consciousness of serving society and the people wholeheartedly. 

In summary;

Although the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management still needs to be further improved, as long as relevant departments and personnel actively change their traditional work thinking and working methods, introduce advanced technology, build an information management system, and optimize the organizational structure, By integrating innovation consciousness, the status quo can be changed, the loopholes in management can be filled in time, and the people and the society can be truly benefited, and the Administrative Efficiency in Public Management can be steadily improved.

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