Physical Education Teacher 1 Professional Ethics

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Professional Ethics of Physical Education Teacher 1 Analysis;

Professional Ethics of Physical Education Teacher 1 Analysis; In the process of social development, the construction of the national legal system has been continuously improved, the standards of teachers’ professional ethics in the field of education have also been continuously improved, and the professional ethics of physical education teachers (PET) has attracted much attention.

Here are the articles to answer, the doubts clear the Physical Education Teacher 1 Professional Ethics, and their Analysis!

The professional ethics of physical education teacher is closely related to the teaching effect, the development of students’ behavior habits, the cultivation of students’ comprehensive quality, and the image of teachers. And the characteristics of physical education require teachers to possess the professional ethics and basic social morality of excellent teachers.

These doubts will conduct an in-depth analysis of the norms of physical education teachers’ professional ethics, to provide some theoretical references for the development of PET professional ethics. Do you know about the Essay on Additive Manufacturing (AM)?


There is an old saying, “Virtue is the first, the ability is the top, good behavior.” It can be seen the importance of virtue to personal development. Education is the basic project to promote social progress, national rejuvenation, and national prosperity. Lodging morality and cultivating people is the core of Chinese education and the basic demand for cultivating socialist successors and builders.

PETs are promoters and disseminators of human sports culture, and professors of sports skills. Physical education curriculum teaching requires PETs to shape and cultivate social builders with noble moral sentiments and excellent wisdom, and contribute to national construction and talents. Cultivate contributions.

“Physical education is a house of morality and a vehicle with knowledge” is the view of comrades. The all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and beauty is the requirement of quality education, which highlights the status and function of physical education in education, and shows that the professional ethics of physical education teachers is the construction of teachers’ morality. where the core lies.

Professional ethics of physical education teachers;

Sports professional ethics;

Teachers’ professional ethics is the norm for teachers’ daily life and teaching behavior, and the code of conduct for mediating the relationship between teachers and other teachers, students, schools, society, parents, etc. Emotionally communicate with people and deal with problems. The professional ethics of PETs is a branch of teachers’ professional ethics. It is a detailed specification for PETs’ training and teaching behaviors, regulation of physical education teachers’ teaching methods, emotional attitudes, and teaching concepts, and a summary and clarification of PET’s moral sentiments.

The professional ethics of physical education teachers to students;

PETs are the practitioners, organizers, and controllers of physical education activities. The characteristics of physical education disciplines determine the advantages of physical education teachers. The teaching objects of PETs are generally adolescents who are in the period of physical and psychological development and have characteristics different from those of students of other ages.

These characteristics make students highly interested in physical education like to communicate with PETs, eager to imitate PETs’ words and deeds. Therefore, under the influence of PETs with outstanding professional ethics, students can form noble moral qualities and words and deeds in line with etiquette, and promote students’ all-around growth.

The professional ethics of physical education teachers to physical education teachers;

The professional ethics of PETs is the basic principle to deal with the relationship between collective interests and personal interests of teachers and to adjust the relationship between PETs and parents, students, and other teachers. It is the guiding principle of PETs’ teaching behavior. Promoting the development of education is the basis for the country to improve its comprehensive national strength and promote economic development. It is also the vocation and mission of physical education teachers.

The task of physical education teachers is not only to teach students sports skills, sports technology, sports, and health-related knowledge, but also to teach students how to behave in the world, guide students to recognize the correct way of doing things & be a person, and guide students to understand the role of moral quality in personal development, value, and then improve the moral cultivation of students, and promote the future development of students. Therefore, the professional ethics of physical education teachers can improve the teaching level and effectiveness of physical education teachers, and promote the professional development of physical education teachers.

The professional ethics of physical education teachers to society;

Talent cultivation is the responsibility of teachers, and at the same time, teachers can influence society by cultivating many outstanding students. Only physical education teachers with outstanding professional ethics can nurture students to form good moral cultivation in teaching activities, to achieve excellent results in future work, sports competitions, and social activities, and then promote the development of sports and all fields of society.

Under the current educational situation, the defects of physical education teachers’ professional ethics;

At present, many physical education teachers cannot correctly recognize the value of physical education, and some schools do not pay enough attention to physical education. Therefore, many physical education teachers have extremely low participation in professional training and lack the awareness of active learning, resulting in physical education teachers generally do not understand physical education.

The latest policies and norms, so as make unprofessional behaviors in teaching activities, which will cause psychological shadows on students and cause serious adverse effects on schools and education systems; even some teachers are clear about the relevant regulations that should be followed in physical education, law, and professional ethics, but know the law and violate the law in teaching activities, and behave badly. Therefore, schools should strictly control and pay attention to teachers’ behavior in real-time, to detect and deal with teachers’ bad behavior in time.

Lax work attitude;

Most physical education teachers do not have a deep understanding of physical education and believe that the focus of students’ learning lies in mastering scientific and cultural knowledge, while the value of physical education lies in relieving study pressure, and is an entertainment and recreational activity, and lacks the value of educating people, so the work mood is extremely slack.

Some physical education teachers often leave early or arrive late for class, lend physical education classes to teachers of other subjects, ask other teachers to take the class, and even complain about poor work salaries and a large gap between work income and effort, which leads to unsatisfied students’ demands for physical exercise, which is not conducive to students. The improvement of comprehensive ability will hurt the teacher team and interfere with the work attitude of other teachers.

Insufficient care for students;

Physical education is different from the teaching activities of other subjects. It has rich teaching content and flexible teaching methods, which can effectively mobilize students’ interest in exercise, promote teacher-student exchanges and communication, and then build a harmonious teacher-student relationship.

However, the realization of educational and teaching goals requires physical education teachers to deeply understand the value of physical education. However, some physical education teachers ignore the individual differences of students in their teaching activities and require students with different physical conditions to complete the same physical training, and even corporal punishment in disguise, causing students to have disgust and resistance to physical training; there are also some teachers.

Due to the differences in students’ backgrounds and grades, they are indifferent to some students, overly concerned with some students, and have too different attitudes towards students; some teachers leave the playground after distributing sports equipment in physical education classroom activities and require students to move freely. lead to teaching accidents. In addition, accidents are prone to occur in the process of sports, and physical education teachers should always pay attention to the dynamics of students to avoid accidents.

Paying too much attention to competition results and ignoring the overall growth of students;

Affected by factors such as exam-oriented education, some physical education teachers neglect the training of students’ physical ability in their teaching activities and pay too much attention to the competition results of students with special skills. Mainly, with the ultimate goal of eliminating sports accidents. This teaching model seriously hinders students from forming lifelong sports habits, hinders the growth of students’ physical quality, easily dampens students’ enthusiasm for sports learning, and is difficult to improve students’ participation in sports classrooms.

Physical education is an irreplaceable key part of quality education and compulsory education, and it is of extremely critical value to the comprehensive growth of students. The cultivation of talents through school education is a holistic and comprehensive requirement. Every link of teaching is carefully designed to cultivate students’ quality in multiple dimensions. The teaching requirements of physical education teachers are combined with the demands of students’ future development, conforming to the standards of physical education courses, teaching students by their aptitude, paying attention to the healthy growth of students’ physical and mental health, and laying the foundation for students’ future growth.

Unable to demonstrate the value of being a teacher;

Teachers are different from other occupations. They are the guides of the builders of the motherland and successors. They are responsible for “preaching,” “teaching,” and “solving doubts.” Teachers’ words and deeds will become factors that affect students’ growth. Therefore, teachers should attach great importance to their code of conduct, leads by example, and set an excellent example for students. However, some physical education teachers have low personal accomplishments, and their behaviors deviate from teachers’ behavioral norms, such as spitting, foul language, smoking, and other behaviors.

These behaviors can easily lead to imitation of students or reduce students’ interest in the group of “teachers”. Impressions; some teachers are more emotional, and are easy to mix life emotions in their work, which is not conducive to the harmonious development of teacher-student relationships; at the same time, some teachers even require students to participate in their extracurricular remedial classes, sell sports equipment to students, and ask for gifts Or financial and other extra benefits, and discredit the professional image of “teacher”.

The norm of the professional ethics of physical education teachers;

In a society governed by the rule of law, citizens’ legal awareness is increasing day by day, and the field of education has also developed rapidly. Although my country has promulgated educational norms such as the “Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers in Colleges and Universities” and “Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools”, which strictly regulate the professional ethics and teaching behaviors of teachers at all stages.

Although the “Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers” puts forward strict standards for teachers’ behavior, it does not specify the punishment measures for teachers’ violations in detail. Therefore, the relevant departments lack unified standards in dealing with teachers’ violations, and there is no incentive mechanism for teachers with excellent teacher ethics. Therefore, to improve teachers’ professional ethics, especially physical education teachers, the state should pay attention to the construction of a legal system and formulate scientific and reasonable reward and punishment measures.

In terms of standardizing the professional ethics of physical education teachers, schools should strictly monitor the teaching behavior of physical education teachers, severely punish teachers who have irregularities and moral defects, and guide teachers to deeply understand the “Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers” and practice them in teaching actions to improve.

The quality of physical education teachers; at the same time, give certain rewards and praise to physical education teachers with excellent professional ethics, encourage physical education teachers to persevere in enriching themselves in work, improve their professional ability and moral cultivation, to lead by example, influence students, and realize the professional ethics of physical education teachers. value.

Improve the welfare and social status of physical education teachers;

Influenced by traditional educational concepts and exam-oriented education, some schools lack attention to physical education, resulting in the low status of physical education teachers, resulting in physical education teachers’ lack of enthusiasm for education and enthusiasm for practice.

According to the survey and research standards, Germany, Japan, the United States, and other educational powers have extremely high welfare and social status for teachers. Only by improving the welfare and social status of teachers can we mobilize the enthusiasm of outstanding talents to become educators, select high-quality educational talents in the process of teacher recruitment, improve the overall quality of the education team, and mobilize the enthusiasm and self-discipline of teachers.

Therefore, relevant departments should strengthen the promotion of the value of physical education and teachers’ devotion to their jobs, guide society to correctly recognize physical education teachers and physical education, help physical education teachers keep pace with the times, change their educational concepts, and improve their consciousness.

In addition, the improvement of physical education teachers’ welfare can provide a solid economic foundation for physical education teachers, provide an economic guarantee for physical education teachers to improve their moral cultivation, study teaching methods without distractions, innovate teaching forms, and encourage physical education teachers to strive for the progress of physical education for a lifetime. , and then influence students to form excellent personal accomplishment with excellent moral quality, promote the improvement of students’ sports ability with professional teaching ability, and provide high-quality sports talents with both morality and ability for the development of national sports.

Change the concept of education and practice quality education;

Influenced by the traditional Chinese educational concept—emphasizing literature over martial arts, physical education is generally not valued, which is the main factor for the lack of teacher morality of physical education teachers. , Physical education is often borrowed by other teachers, and physical education teachers also lack the spirit of lifelong learning and continuous research, which makes it difficult for physical education teachers to improve their teaching ability.

Therefore, the relevant education departments should completely put an end to the influence of exam-oriented education—the idea of ​​”only fractions” on the physical education teaching education, reform the physical education examination mechanism, optimize the teacher evaluation mechanism, take quality education as the guiding ideology, and comprehensively practice the principles of quality education. Know about 1 Vocational Education Huang Yanpei Thought and Value.

The key idea is to cultivate high-quality talents with all-around growth in morality, intelligence, physicality, and beauty. At the same time, schools should guide physical education teachers to deeply grasp the requirements and standards of quality education for physical education, improve the comprehensive ability and responsibility awareness of physical education teachers, guide teachers to carry out in-depth academic research on physical education, and explore the content of physical education courses in-depth, to guide physical education teachers. improve the quality and effectiveness of physical education teaching.

Improve the comprehensive training of physical education teachers;

The basic knowledge and ability of teachers can improve their professional ethics level of teachers to a certain extent. A physical education worker, not only needs to have superb sports ability but also master sports-related theoretical knowledge and certain scientific and cultural knowledge, so that teachers can deeply integrate scientific and cultural knowledge. Theoretical knowledge and physical education activities improve the scientific and professional nature of physical education.

At the same time, to cultivate and select physical education teachers, schools should comprehensively inspect and cultivate physical education teachers’ comprehensive accomplishments, physical education technology, and professional theory. The improvement of the comprehensive quality of physical education teachers can help physical education teachers correctly understand the educational value of physical education disciplines, understand the fundamental connotation of physical education teachers’ professional ethics, correctly guide their teaching behavior, improve their teaching ability, and influence and influence students in a subtle way.

Attach importance to the moral education of physical education normal students;

Physical education normal students are the reserve army of physical education teachers. Therefore, to improve the professional ethics of physical education teachers, we can start with the education of physical education normal students in colleges and universities. Because students will meet the pressure from all aspects after work, and their energy is limited, it is difficult to quickly improve their comprehensive ability and moral cultivation.

Therefore, college physical education teachers should pay more attention to cultivating students’ professional ethics, and guide students to establish correct educational ideas. , to help students complete the change of mentality from learners to educators, clarify future career development plans and growth directions, keep pace with the times, form a lifelong learning concept, and continuously optimize and update their own educational concepts in line with the characteristics of the times in their work.

College education has a significant transmission effect on students’ mastering the latest teaching concepts, and can guide physical education normal students to deeply understand the value of physical education for students’ growth, deeply understand the detailed connotation of physical education teachers’ professional ethics, and understand the role of physical education teachers’ professional ethics in The value of teachers, students, and social development, improve the personal accomplishment of students, promote the formation of outstanding teachers’ professional ethics in sports demonstration students, and then realize the guiding value of teachers’ professional ethics for the future study and work of sports normal students.


Under the new educational background, the education community has put forward new standards for teachers’ professional ethics. The professional ethics of physical education teachers can guide and restrain teachers’ teaching behavior, encourage teachers to keep pace with the times, change educational concepts, revise educational behavior, and help teachers. The healthy development of physical education. Although, under the current teaching situation, there are certain deficiencies in the professional ethics of physical education teachers, in the context of educational reform and the continuous deepening of legal system construction, the professional ethics of physical education teachers has attracted extensive attention in the education community and has achieved certain achievements.

Professional Ethics of Physical Education Teacher 1 Analysis Image
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